12mph…Shifting gears in 2018!

It has been years since we’ve been active on 12mph.com. I guess we needed to shift gears in order to revisit our blog site. We are in the process of a big transition in 2018. Steve will retire. Diane will step back from her businesses. We will downsize our household enough to fill a 10 feet by 10 feet climate-controlled storage unit. Our lifestyle will become mobile as we purchase a pick-up as a tow vehicle and a travel trailer in which to live. By later this year, we anticipate turning in the keys on the house we’ve been renting and then driving away to explore many miles together over hopefully many years.

In the coming weeks or months, we will reconstruct 12mph.com. It will be fun to spruce up the theme and make it into something where we can easily post along our travels and readers can readily access it on desktop or on mobile devices.

Our son, Jeremy, created 12mph.com for our 2005 summer. He coined the journey as “The Speed of Sanity.” Going 12mph on a bike does that to you. In 2005 Steve bicycled across the U.S. from Bandon, Oregon to Yorkton, Virginia. Diane flew some, but drove a good chunk that summer, even having daughter, Stephanie, joining her for some of it. We also used 12mph.com for our 2010 shift from living in Illinois, traveling in Europe that summer, and settling into life in Denver, Colorado. These blog posts can readily be accessed on this website, so feel free to peek into our past!

But, “The Speed of Sanity” is also a mindset! Thus, this next chapter of life will be grounded in this theme.


August 15, 2005. Steve finished his ride across the U.S. He dipped his tire in the salt waters of Chesapeake Bay in Yorktown, Virginia with Diane there to cheer him on!
This map of the U.S. was for our 2005 summer, Steve’s blue biking route; Diane’s pink (flying and driving); and, their joint green route with a mix of biking together, flying to Oregon, and driving home from Virginia.
It’s 13 years later! Steve and Diane went to the Colorado RV Show on January 5, 2018. Ready to explore travel trailer options!



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  1. Welcome back to 12mph! I loved the catch up post and your photos are so sweet, I can’t believe it’s been 13 years!! 🤗🤗🤗

    1. Thank you, Michelle. It’s crazy to think that 12mph was launched 13 years ago with an incredible journey. Strap yourselves in….here we go again! 🙂

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