Our Three-week Travel Break Concludes

  1. Our three week break from traveling concluded. It was helpful to have extra time in Denver to tend to various appointments, to take a deep breath, and to enjoy a house stay while Steve’s cousins were away. Timing worked out for us to occupy their house while they traveled, so it was a win-win for everyone.
  2. Highlights of the three weeks included time with our daughter, Stephanie, and son-in-love, Shane; Steve’s Mom; and, numerous friends. Plus having Wi-Fi and time for a extended Google video chat with our son, Jeremy, and daughter-in-love, Michelle.
  1. Time with Stephanie and Shane
Snowshoe Fun
Walking in Denver’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day Marade

We look forward to reuniting with “Tranquility” our trailer back in Tucson.

Happy Trails!

Diane and Steve

Living Life at the Speed of Sanity

4 Replies to “Our Three-week Travel Break Concludes”

  1. Love seeing your adventure in progress. Thanks for including me.

    Enjoy and head out to the NW at some point, please! Love, Mary

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