Together 24/7: Separate Space & Time

Final Installment of 24/7

Alas, this will be the final installment of Together 24/7. Hopefully it will give others a sense for how we manage the full-time RV lifestyle that provides us with more undivided time. Please check out our previous two installments of Together 24/7 to gain a more complete perspective on what we’re experiencing.

Solo Time

Yep. Sometimes it’s only natural that we covet solo time. Admittedly, while rare, we do get cranky with each other! Go figure! It may just be a walk. Or one day it was a solo stroll on a beach for me or for Steve a solo bike ride. If we have a campsite with ample space from other campers and nice weather, we may sit and read outdoors in our camp chairs, permitting silence to prevail. One may stay indoors and the other outdoors.

Solo Bike Ride for Steve
Solo Beach Walk for Diane

Another way to experience solo time is taking turns doing laundry. Why have both of us sitting in a laundromat waiting on washers and dryers?! Or, the run to the grocery or hardware store is a great way to create space.

Seating Divided

There are just two possible seating areas in the trailer: the dinette and the sofa. The dinette provides our only surface area. Sometimes when we’re both working on our laptops, it’s tough to also have space for other items on the table. Yet, we manage sharing okay. What also works great is a little folding table that my parents acquired during their years as snowbirds. Additionally, we have a small wood TV tray that fits our scanner perfectly.

Dinette in our 2018 Nash 26N

Night Owl Routine

It’s not uncommon for one of us to head to bed before the other. This isn’t new for us. Perhaps Steve’s really into a good book or I am in a creative flow either writing or editing photos. It’s also not out of the ordinary for me to move to the sofa part way through the night. It doesn’t take much added noise to wake me up.

Sofa in our 2018 Nash 26N

If you’re in a close space with your spouse or partner for an extended period of time, how do you carve out time for yourself?

~ Living Life at the Speed of Sanity

Diane (& Steve)

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2 Replies to “Together 24/7: Separate Space & Time”

  1. Thanks for all the updates, Diane. Will miss them. Call any time. I see I forgot. Scott with us now; Megan arrives tomorrow for a few days. Then Geo and Chris for a few days. I should be out running or something by then! No morr loafing!!!!

    1. Steve and I are sending our love and big hugs across the miles, dear Johnny B. I didn’t see this message until tonight (Friday, March 15, 11:15pm). We know that you will all treasure time together.

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