Connectivity Woes

Folks, if there is a primary challenge that we face as full-time RVers, it’s connectivity woes! I traveled 16 miles from the campground to find a Starbucks. Despite our having Verizon Hotspot the cell service wasn’t strong enough to use it at the campground.

Then, I was contentedly editing photos at Starbucks using my PicMonkey editor when its site quit working. I thought, “Aha! I will just write a blog post instead of editing photos!”

Then…BINGO!  My HP laptop froze up. So, here’s a photo of the blank screen.

Connectivity Woes…Blank Screen

I will just use my Google pixel phone to create this blog post, one character entered via my thumb tio at a time. (Whiner!)

Yuppers! It’s amazing what we take for granted. In our former “stick and bricks” homes, having access to the internet and a strong cell signal spoiled us rotten.

Perhaps the Speed of Sanity to which we aspire is being reinforced through lessons such as today.

From Beautiful Tennessee, Happy Trails and Connectivity to Ya’all!

~ Diane