February 29, 2020 = 19 Months as Full-Time RVers!

Say it isn’t so? And, especially on this Leap Day! Now where have those 19 months of full-time RVing gone? Certainly they are full of countless stories, of traveling highways and byways,  of spending nearly 24/7 time together, of experiencing sunny days and cloudy days, of soaking up time with family and friends along our Speed of Sanity travels, of visiting a different laundromat every 10-14 days, of relying on coffee shops, public libraries, or our Verizon Hot-Spot for Wi-Fi, of frustrating times with little to no cellphone service, of sharing silly moments, and of hugging away tearful grief when we’ve lost dear ones.

One of the dozens of laundromats! Wash N’ Fluff in Globe, Arizona has been one of the cleanest!

More than anything, we continue feeling deeply grateful for this time of our life when we can travel as we do. No, we don’t have the many comforts of a stick and brick home, yet we take extraordinary comfort in coming home to our little mobile abode after a day of adventuring or tending to the many tasks that full-time RVing requires of us. This IS home.

A priceless morning, million-dollar view just 60 feet from our campsite of Roosevelt Lake in Tonto National Forest, Arizona, on February 29, 2020. (FYI: the campsite fee is $12.50/night thanks to our Lifetime Senior National Park Pass & 50% discount).

Part of our full-time RV lifestyle permits flexibility that we appreciate having. Yesterday we arrived at Tonto National Monument to hike up to the cliff dwelling only to find that two chartered busloads of enthusiastic 4th graders pulled into the parking lot behind us, were also taking the hike. Sensing that space in the cliff dwelling was limited, we opted to head back to our abode and then head back to Tonto NM a few hours later. When we returned to the park, we had the cliff dwelling to ourselves and one ranger! (Admittedly, we sure miss seeing kiddos after years of teaching and working with children. It would have been fun to join their field trip!)

Hiking to the Lower Cliff Dwelling at Tonto National Monument near Roosevelt, Arizona on February 28, 2020

Thank you to our family, friends, and many acquaintances made along our journey for your love and encouragement!

Here’s to many more “Happy Trails” to everyone!


Tucson Mountain Park via Tandem

Yeehaw! We drove to the Tucson Mountain Park today to nab a ride on our Santana tandem.

Steve retrieves the tandem from the bike rack.

We only went 8 miles as we are in the process of getting back in bicycling shape. Originally we wanted to ride in Saguaro National Park, but their staff at the Visitor Center advised against it with the narrow road and heavy amount of vehicular traffic.

We had the road virtually to ourselves.

We are thankful that they suggested Tucson Mountain Park. There was one SUV and several bikes. Otherwise we had the road to ourselves.

A saguaro forest and a plethora of other cacti and desert vegetation filled the landscape!

The landscape was thick with stately saguaro cacti. Is it possible to call this a saguaro forest?

Until next time…

Happy Trails!



Happy Valentines Day 2020!

Happy Valentines Day, 2020!

I couldn’t resist revisiting a fun photo of two youngsters!

We are ready to leave Steve’s parents’ home in Omaha! Brand new backpacks, tent, stiff leather hiking boots, and a sense of adventure are ready to go!

We have experienced some grand adventures since our first backpacking trip in the Hunter Fryingpan Wilderness area of Colorado in 1975! It was probably August, we need to review old letters that we exchanged prior to the trip to determine the date. (Phone calls were expensive, no technology existed such as internet, email, texting)! Steve’s Dad made the photo of us with my Kodak Instamatic that used 110 cartridges!  Steve was 21 and I was 19. Just kids!

Fast forward 44 years and here we are at the Maroon Bells area! Not much has changed, right? Same rugged and beautiful mountains!

The second one was 44 years later, July 2019, at Maroon Bells in Colorado after an early evening hike. (The night before we began our 1975 backpacking trip we camped in the Maroon Bells Campground). Let’s see, Steve is 65 and I am 63 in this photo!

A quick trip down memory lane! Happy Valentines Day everyone!