Our Version of “Where’s Waldo?”

Perhaps this could be coined as our version of “Where’s Waldo?”

(But first, do you remember the “Where’s Waldo” books that originated in 1989. This would help create the context of our return to 12mph.com)

It’s “been a minute” since our last 12mph.com post. [No kidding! How about 17 months plus?!] The new header image on 12mph.com may provide everyone a clue as to where we live. Stay tuned as we reinvent our posting strategy!

Beautiful Independence Monument in Colorado National Monument, Colorado.

For your reading enjoyment, here’s some information to accompany the photo:

First of all, this post falls on July 4, 2023, which is Independence Day in the United States.

Independence Monument stands prominently in Colorado National Monument. Obtaining this view one makes a short hike along the canyon rim near the Visitor Center in Colorado National Monument.

Independence Monument is 450 feet in height and consists of sandstone. John Otto arrived in the Grand Valley area in 1906. Living alone in the canyons, he carved and hand-picked trails. He first climbed Independence Monument on June 14, 1911, which was Flag Day. With a flag presented to him by President William Howard Taft, John flew the flag from the summit of Independence Monument that day. Each Independence Day, he would climb it to raise the flag. In the years since his death, this is an annual tradition. While we don’t have the exact history of everyone who has made the Independence Day ascent, we have read that over the past 23 years, the Mesa County Search and Rescue Team makes this climb and raises the flag.

While John Otto is considered the founder of Colorado National Monument, we are ever mindful of the beautiful history that spans millennia and our Native Peoples who made this area their home. The beauty is stunning! 

“Living Life at the Speed of Sanity” or so we think!

Diane & Steve

8 Replies to “Our Version of “Where’s Waldo?””

  1. Dear Diane and Steve,
    So glad to see your post! I tried contacting you almost a year ago via your website and heard nothing back so was curious about your whereabouts! We are presently returning from France today but would love to get a direct phone number or email from you so we could catch up.
    You have been on our minds for sometime now and we are glad you are doing well.
    Love to you and your family….. Keith and Linda Krueger

    1. Hello Linda…Oh my goodness, it’s been awhile since we’ve been in touch. I have your email address so I will email you directly as will refrain from posting it in our blog.

      Hope that you had a great trip in France.
      Diane & Steve

  2. We’ve seen this rock formation several times on our trips through Colorado National Monument, but we’re never aware of the history of its pioneer name. Thanks for the cool info and bringing back 12mph, Diane and Steve!

    1. Thanks Linda. It’s fun to share of our experiences and the beauty that surrounds us. We appreciate how the National Park Service provides fairly thorough history.

      Hope to see you sometime when we’re back in Denver.
      Diane & Steve

  3. That’s great history you shared with us. I enjoy reading your posts n emails. May God Bless You n Steve.

  4. Good to hear from you once again! Thanks for the view from the mountain and interesting story on how July 4th is celebrated out West.

  5. Hello Lois,
    It’s one thing to drive past all the formations, yet another to really pause and appreciate the natural history and human history.

    Hope that you enjoy the rest of summer in our former neighborhood.
    Diane & Steve

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