Wagontire, OR

Today Steve rode through the historical town of Wagontire. From what we’ve heard, there was nothing in the gas station but gas, so he was forced to continue on to Riley. What he may not have known at the time is that Wagontire itself is so much more than just a gas station.

see what a little bit of googling does… 🙂

So now, if you check the map, there’s a nice little blue “sight-seeing” marker for the gas station. While you’re at it, check out some Wagontire history, an interesting article on the past and future of Wagontire, and some information (with a picture) of the Wagontire International Airport…. Have fun.

The Map

Hey guys… I know everybody’s reading these posts and wondering where the heck places like “Diamond Lake” and “Susan Creek” are. Well, today is your lucky day.

I’ve added a link to the top bar (look up) called “The Map” that will bring you to another page showing each place that Steve has stopped for the night.

Each stop that he has made is noted by a little bubble. When you click on the bubble, it will give you the name of the town and a slightly witty (or unwitty) blurb.

Think of it as a “not even close to real time” virtual bike ride… 🙂 Still, it will be fun to follow along and you can even get a satellite image of the terrain he will be riding through.

Update: Mileage counter has been added on the right. We’ll try to come up with some fun way of tracking speed soon.

Quick Note

Just a quick little usability note… On the right you’ll notice two different sets of photos. One for Steve, one for Diane. (that’s the obvious part) The 3 most recent photos for each of them will show up at any given time, but the full photobooks will be on a seperate page. You can click on pretty much any text and/or images in that area of the page and be brought over to the full photos page for either of them. So don’t feel down if you only see 3 pictures and are wishing for more…. 🙂