Oregon Facts

I talked to Steve last night and he had some interesting questions on Oregon. It’s the ninth largest state and has 3.5 million people. But, as he rode across the vast central and eastern parts of the state, he got to wondering…does everyone in Oregon leave west of the Cascade Mountains along the coast? Well, by looking at a map, that definitely seems to be the case. The city of Bend has 62,900 people, making it the most populated central city. So yeah, by looking at a map, it does seem that at least 80% of the population lives near the coast, which I guess makes sense, right? Anyway, you can read more about Oregon here. And all about the history behind everyone’s favorite early 80’s computer game.

Also, please note the definition of inimitable. Steve says there will be more to come on this!!


Ok, so I talked to Diane today and she sounds like she’s having fun! She went to Beverly Hills and Hollywood on Sunday I think. And then went to Laguna Beach today. It was cool for her to see some things that she remember from her childhood. Just wanted to let everyone know her status! I’m sure she’ll update you with some interesting experiences!

As far as how it goes on the home front, it’s extremely quiet. I’m amazed at how little the phone rings when my parents are gone! But other than that, things are good.