The Quest for the Next Travel Trailer

Our first road trip with our new 2021Toyota Highlander is in the books. We left on Monday morning and returned late Wednesday afternoon. Nothing like knocking off 950 miles in a whirlwind. Plus, we drove in downpours and in busy  interstate traffic, both good tests with a new vehicle.  The Highlander averaged 26 miles per gallon of regular gasoline. How refreshing!

The primary goal of the trip was to see three different trailer brands and a specific model for each brand. Admittedly, this is a big shift from our years with our 26 foot  Nash trailer and big Ford F-250/F-350 pickup trucks. Our brains have shifted gears to embracing a trailer that would be lighter weight, shorter, and offer fewer amenities. Having tent camped for four decades, anything that’s off the ground is good. Plus having an enclosed hard-sided space away from curious critters is a bonus. Most showers and toilets suffice, especially avoiding trudging across a campground to visit the toilet in the middle of the night!

We determined the brands and models after researching and following Facebook and Instagram owners groups and viewing dozens of YouTube videos. The search filters: towing capability by a V-6 Toyota Highlander, a dinette area that could be either two twin beds or a king size bed, a wet bathroom (the shower and toilet share the same space), a simple kitchen, three tanks (water, grey water, sewer), solar power capability, air conditioning, and furnace.

Having been on the selling side just five weeks ago, we know that there’s a strong demand in RVs. It’s challenging to find specific models to view, especially living in rural southeastern Washington. We searched for dealers near us that would provide us the best scenario for seeing all three models. It’s close to impossible to find one dealer that carries more than one of the brands we were exploring. Ultimately, we ended up in Portland, Oregon for one model. Then in Arlington and Everett, Washington, (both north of the Seattle area) for the other two models. We made all three visits in one day on Tuesday, which meant driving from Portland to north of  Seattle in the mix.

First stop: Lazydays RV in Portland where we visited a 2021 Xtreme Outdoors Little Guy Mini Max. We liked having a window in the front over the kitchen area. It had a fun vintage appearance. Drawbacks included 6 feet interior height for Steve who is 6 feet 2 inches. The ceiling was even lower in the middle of the trailer where the air conditioner was roughly 2 inches from the ceiling. Even my head touched the ceiling of the bathroom. We may likely need to sit on the toilet to shower. Lastly, the teardrop shape gave more height challenges for Steve the further back he walked. Therefore, as cute as the Mini Max was, it’s too small.

2021 Little Guy Mini Max by Xtreme Outdoors

Second stop: We drove 225 miles from Lazydays RV to Open Road RV in Arlington, Washington. We toured a 2022 Rockwood Geo-Pro 15TB. (Forest River has Rockwood Geo-Pro and Flagstaff E-Pro, which are the same except for the exterior decal package and interior decor). Steve walked the interior length with ample head space. The cathedral ceiling is naturally higher in the middle. The dinette’s seat cushions are a little bit deeper. This means that if we keep the seats as is and use them as twin beds, they’ll be a bit wider than the Little Guy Mini Max. The king bed created when both twins are put together, means a wider king bed. There’s more drawers and cupboards. The storage space beneath the dinette is bigger than the Mini Max. The wet bathroom is taller and has additional storage. There’s an attached power awning. Overall there’s more space even in just 15 feet of length.
2022 Rockwood Geo-Pro 15TB

Third stop: From Open Road RV we drove 25 miles to Everett, where at Maple Grove RV we toured a pre-owned 2018 Airstream Basecamp 16.  From videos that we watched, we liked the many windows that the Basecamp offered. We also like the aeronautical look of the Basecamp. We could even order a separate attachment that creates a screened side room. As soon as Steve tried out the dinette as a bed, it became obvious that the space would be too small due to the pronounced curve of the Basecamp’s sides.
2018 Airstream Basecamp 16

WE HAVE A WINNER. Given our visits. We’re going with a Geo-Pro 15TB or E-Pro 15TB. At this point, it will depend on what we’re able to order. Pre-owned units are difficult to locate. Just as with our former 2018 Nash 26N by Northwood Manufacturing, we prefer ordering new so that we have a 12-month warranty.

Stay tuned! We’re preparing to be Happy Campers again!

“Happily Retired at the Speed of Sanity”

Diane & Steve