2 Days to Go

Here we are only two days from taking off for Oregon. It seems crazy, but my “Things to Do” list seems to be getting longer rather than shorter! Steph’s ready to take command of the household and our geriatric kitty after receiving our “Household Management Guide” and a guided tour from me. Jeremy’s been busy creating this website and will be our communications contact for the summer. Two nights ago Steve had neatly organized all of his wordly possessions for the bike trip into piles that amazingly ended up fitting into his four panniers (saddlebags). The next two days will be a whirlwind as we tidy up essential paperwork, break down THE bike so it fits into a special carrying case, and somehow pack the panniers and their contents into a suitcase. While Steve is officially on his sabbatical, I have two more days with my preschool students this week and a couple of days packing up my classroom next week before my summer begins. Stay tuned!


So much for leaving town under the cover of darkness. Who knew that a little bike ride could cause so much interest? Obviously – not me! So, by popular demand, here is the website. Thanks Jeremy!

If you are here for the first time, I am embarking on a self-supported bike ride from Oregon to Virginia. It is the dream of a life time and I am looking forward to the bike ride, visiting friends and family, meeting new people, and seeing the country at 12 miles per hour.

Throughout the summer Diane and I will post electrifying tales, mesmerizing stories, and thrilling accounts of our glorious adventures. And all of that with photos. I’ll try to stay away from “Day 29, 74.5 miles, 11.5 mph, wind from the north,” unless you let me know you find that mesmerizing.

Thank you for all the interest, well-wishes, and prayers.


Quick Note

Just a quick little usability note… On the right you’ll notice two different sets of photos. One for Steve, one for Diane. (that’s the obvious part) The 3 most recent photos for each of them will show up at any given time, but the full photobooks will be on a seperate page. You can click on pretty much any text and/or images in that area of the page and be brought over to the full photos page for either of them. So don’t feel down if you only see 3 pictures and are wishing for more…. 🙂